Reminiscing control theory and the future of observability

In the late 90s, when I studied telematics, we had that one course that did not really enthuse me too much. Maybe it was because I was down the path for the software aspects of the studies (one had to choose a path towards MSc) or maybe the topic in itself wasn’t exciting, I can’t remember. What I do remember is that it sounded and felt pretty much like what you can read up on Wikipedia:

Open source & open standards

Going forward, what’s up with o11y and where are we heading? I’d argue that as of end of 2019 the direction is pretty evident:

Next up: logs & metrics

The OpenTelemetry (or: otel if you want to be seen as an inside) community made impressive progress over the past year. Looks like the tracing bits will soon be declared GA and with that considered stable.

OpenTelemetry metric instruments categorization.

Principal Open Source Product Developer Advocate, AWS | observability | service meshes

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